Who we are

As butchers with a conscience, we deliver Australia's most high welfare produce. Guided by our values and commitment to what is right, we're here to lead positive change.

Cannings Commitments


When you shop at Cannings you can be sure that the produce you are buying was raised under the most high welfare conditions possible. We make no compromises when it comes to sourcing.


We value transparency and honesty and we love providing our customers with product information and detail. We expect this from our supply partners—that's why you can expect this from us.


We focus on purpose over profit and find immense satisfaction in knowing that we look after our people, our environment and our communities. It's with deep gratitude for our success that we give back as much as possible.

I love and respect animals, so it was an easy decision to sell free range produce only. I believe that meat should be savoured and appreciated. And that animals should be treated with compassion and respect.

Sam Canning | Founder

Where it all began

Cannings was built from the ground up, fueled by Sam Canning's love of good food and his desire to raise the industry bar and improve animal welfare standards. Since 2010, Cannings' philosophy has been embraced and supported by the Melbourne community. Years on, the business has grown, and we're incredibly grateful to have such an amazing network of free range producers and a team of staff who represent Sam's core values.

At Cannings, we are committed to serving and supporting our local community. We support local businesses with our fine range of Cannings condiments and hire our teams locally to our stores. We also love supporting our local communities with our "Cannings Community Sausage". We have an allocation each month available to worthy local community events, so reach out here to see how we can support your organisation. Once our allocation of free sausages has been exhausted, we do have a special offer to buy "Cannings Community Sausages" for eligible events. Find out more here.

Committed to our local community

It's been a passionate journey of education and adventure as we've researched and met some of Australia's best producers, on the hunt for high welfare, high quality produce at a price point that is accessible to everybody. We make the effort to meet our producers on their farms for an insight into their operation. The farm philosophy, how they raise and care for the animals, their logistics, supply chain and the abattoirs at which the animals are processed, are all critical factors that form the basis of the Cannings Selection Process.

Our selection process

In a world of confusing labels, misleading claims and general uncertainly around product provenance and welfare standards, it's nice to know that when you shop at Cannings, things are simple. Thanks to our considered selection process, our animals are true free range, cage free and happy animals from the south east regions of Australia. Our animals have no added hormones or non-therapeutic antibiotics. We believe that high welfare, free range produce is the only honest and fair option.

Product integrity

That's right. Our mantra is CARE. We figure that if we handle every process, every customer, every staff member, every aspect of the business with care, then everything will fall into place. Did you know: we give back to the animal kingdom in the form of regular and ongoing donations to some of Australia's most vital and hardworking animal welfare organisations.

We actually care

Meet our team

The Cannings Butchers experience is made possible by our amazing team.
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Sam Canning

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Kew Store Manager


Kew Production Manager


Hawthorn Store Manager


Malvern Store Manager


Ivanhoe Store Manager


South Yarra Store Manager


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Cannings Veteran


Environmental footprint

  • All of our salvageable cardboard, hard plastics and organic waste get recycled.
  • No plastic carry bags or polystyrene trays.
  • Our paper bags are 100% recyclable.
  • Our stores are powered by renewable energy sources.
  • Local produce for minimal food miles.

Join Us

Careers at Cannings

Interested in joining us at Cannings? All training is provided so if you bring a curiosity and willingness to learn you’ll fit right in. A passion for food or experience in hospitality or retail is always a plus by no means a requirement. We always see enthusiasm, attitude and team-spirit wins by a country mile anyway!

Across our nine store locations and support office, Cannings has opportunities for anyone wanting to learn more about the industry, work with food, pursue a butcher qualification or even manage a retail location.