We support and sponsor a number of schools and community organisations in the areas surrounding our stores. Our current offering consists of providing discounted sausages for BBQs and catering at fundraisers. Cannings sausages are special because:
  • They are made with Free Range ingredients from Cannings Approved Suppliers
  • We make them in-house on a weekly basis
  • We use only 100% Grass Fed AND Finished Beef and Lamb
  • They are totally Gluten Free!

Applicants for donations from Cannings, must be Public Benevolent Institutions or not-for-profit community organisations involved in environmental, cultural or social betterment.

Please note, due to production requirements we can only fulfill requests with a minimum of 14 days notice. For quality control and tracability purposes Cannings requests that if they are supplying sausages to your event, that they be the SOLE supplier of sausages. Our preferred method pf payment for donation orders is via electronic means.