The Best Cuts Of Beef For Casseroles

There is nothing worse than a dry casserole, but don’t worry - we are here to steer you in the right direction for a perfect, melt in your mouth piece of beef for your next casserole.
The Best Cuts Of Beef For Casseroles

Tip: don’t try to cook slow cooking cuts too quickly/on too high of a heat! This will result in drier, tougher meat when what we’re looking for is a juicy, fall apart texture.


A really classic casserole cut is Beef Chuck (what we use for our Cannings Casserole Cubes). Whether you cut it into cubes or larger chunks, this cut is ideal for slow cooking. It’s packed with flavour, and has enough fat on it to keep it tender and help create a really delicious sauce.

Beef Short Ribs

Short Ribs are our absolute favourite for casseroles. When you cook them low and slow, they will end up beautifully tender with a ‘fall off the bone’ texture. And speaking of the bone, this adds even more flavour to your dish. Definitely our top pick if you feel like a fancier option!

Beef Cheeks

This cut is guaranteed to yield a rich, decadent sauce for your dishes - think about the texture of gravy and that’s what you’ll be getting from a beef cheek casserole. When cooked properly, Beef Cheeks will come out unbelievably tender and packed full of flavour. This is a muscle that is used extensively by the cow so you’ll need to cook it gently for around 10 hours usually, with lots of liquid.


Brisket is a great cut for slow cooking, so if you’re planning on using it for a casserole, slice into larger chunks and cook on low with plenty of liquid for best results. Another great way to use brisket would be to cook it in a whole piece and then use it as pulled beef in casseroles, ragu or even as a pie filling.

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