🎄Christmas FAQ 2023🎄

All your Christmas questions answered!
🎄Christmas FAQ 2023🎄

🎄Do you sell turkey buffes?

This year, we are only selling turkey breast rolls and whole turkeys - no buffes, as they are not available from our free range turkey supplier.

🎄How do I place my Christmas order? I can't see Christmas products in the online store!

Our Christmas products live in a different section of the site to our regular offering. To check out our Christmas offering and place your order, click here!

🎄Can I cancel my order?

We allow order cancellations up until Sunday December 10th 2023 with full deposit refunds. Cancellations after this date will forfeit your deposit because by this time we will have purchased the items for your order.

🎄Can I make alterations to my order?

Absolutely. As long as we have the stock, we will try to accommodate order alterations. After the order closure date (Sunday December 10th 2023) we do not allow alterations as orders and their contents are “locked in”.

🎄Will I get my deposit back?

We refund deposits in full for orders cancelled prior to December 11 2022. Otherwise your deposit will be absorbed into the balance of your order, and you’ll pay the remainder upon collection. In the instance that the value of your order is less than the $50 deposit paid, we will refund you the difference on your collection day. If you elected to pay for Priority Pickup ($60) - $50 of that will be absorbed into the balance of your order, with the additional $10 priority fee going directly to charity.

🎄What is the Priority Pickup Fee and who is it donated to?

We refund deposits in full for orders cancelled prior to the order closure date (Sunday December 10th 2023). Otherwise, your deposit will be absorbed into the balance of your order and you’ll pay the remainder upon collection. In the instance that the value of your order is less than the $50 deposit paid, we will refund you the difference on your collection day. If you elected to pay for Priority Pickup ($60) - $50 of that will be absorbed into the balance of your order, with the additional $10 priority fee going directly to charity. This year we are proud to be donating the proceeds to Foodbank who fight hunger by sourcing food for people in need.

🎄Do you deliver?

We are offering a limited number of delivery spots for your Christmas order. You will be able to select delivery (available within metro Melbourne and the Peninsula) if you wish when placing your Christmas order online. These deliveries will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of December. Once these spots are filled, we will not be able to accept any more orders for delivery, so get in early! You can however select from any of our 9 available pickup locations across Melbourne’s South East. Please note that orders with seafood, or ham platters will not be eligible for home delivery.

🎄Can I choose when I pick up my order?

You will be able to choose from a range of pickup dates at checkout. These dates will fill up on a first in best dressed basis. If the open dates don't suit, we will accommodate ‘Priority Pickup’ days. A surcharge may apply if that day is already “full”.

🎄Can I change my pickup location?

Up until the order closure date (Sunday December 10th 2023) you can change your pickup location to a different store of your choosing. Check your order confirmation email for your current pickup location.

🎄How many people will (x) feed?

As a general rule, you should allow around 300g of meat per person at Christmas time.


4 - 5kg: 8 - 10 people

5 - 6kg: 10 - 14 people

6 - 7kg: 14 - 18 people

7 - 8 kg: 18 - 22 people


Boneless: less than 8 people

Half leg: around 12 people

Whole leg: around 24 people

🎄 I’m an online customer, can I combine an online order with a Christmas order?

Unfortunately not. Due to the logistical demands of our Christmas ordering, we are not able to combine products from the Christmas and regular online store. Our Christmas products can be ordered through a form separate to our online store.

🎄How do I cook my Christmas products?

Click here for a comprehensive cooking list compiled by Sam Canning. Otherwise, ask our butchers when collecting your order and they’ll be happy to offer suggestions :) All orders will also come with a booklet containing cooking instructions.

🎄When are you open over Christmas?

All of our stores are open until 12 noon on Christmas Eve. We are closed on Christmas and Boxing Day. Trading resumes on Wednesday the 27th December.

🎄Do you have gluten free options?

We absolutely do! Don't miss our delicious gluten free Pud and stuffings. Our ham is also gluten free.

🎄I’ve ordered a half leg of ham. Which half will I get?

Unless specified in your order notes, you will be allocated either a shank or rump end ham randomly on the day. If you have a preference, please let us know in your notes!

🎄What do I need to collect my order?

Just quote your order number, or the full name under which the order was placed (this may be your spouse or a family member). Make sure you check your pickup store (listed in your order confirmation email) prior to making the trip.

🎄Can I provide my own stuffing?

Sure! If you mention it in your comments when placing an order we’ll be happy to oblige. We’ll be in touch when we put your order together. Otherwise, our pork and turkey products can be stuffed with one of the awesome mixes we’ve developed.

🎄Can I pay for my order up-front?

We take a $50 deposit upfront, but for the vast majority of our Christmas products we offer a per kilo price and a weight range. Not until we are packing the order can we know the exact weight/price - before that we can only offer an estimate. We can cut certain things with a degree of specificity, but for items like a whole Turkey, there is some natural variation in size, hence why we advertise a weight-range.

🎄Can I place multiple orders?

Absolutely. You can place as many orders as you want - especially if you have multiple events to cater over Christmas on different days. Please note that due to the way our system functions, each separate order will require a deposit.

🎄Can I view my order?

Your order contents, quantities and collection details will be included in your confirmation email.

🎄What if I didn’t receive a confirmation email?

Your order confirmation email should arrive in your inbox within an hour of ordering. Occasionally these emails will bounce, most often if they are incorrectly directed to your email’s spam folder or the email address has been incorrectly entered. First, check your spam folder (or the promotions tab in Gmail), if it’s not there, get in touch; christmas@canningsbutchers.com.au with your full name and we will forward your order confirmation to you.

🎄What if my order costs less than the deposit?

Our $50 deposit is based on a percentage of our average Christmas order. If your order happens to be a small one, of lower value than $50, we will refund you the difference upon collection.

🎄Can I freeze any of my produce?

Turkey products (including turduckens), and geese have already been frozen, so they should not be frozen again. Freezing ham can ruin its texture, so we recommend that you avoid freezing. Shellfish, caviar and puddings should also not be frozen. Everything else on our list is fine to freeze.

🎄Will my order last till after Christmas Day?

Please note: we calculate our pickup days based around optimum freshness for Christmas day proper - if you have other dates to work towards, speak to our friendly team.

🎄Can I make special requests of my order?

If you have special dietary requirements, need special portioning or are working with a special recipe, let us know in the “order notes” section when ordering and we will do our best to accommodate. If we aren’t going to be able to fulfil a request we’ll be in touch well ahead of time with an alternative.

🎄Can I order items not on the Christmas list?

Unfortunately not. We’re unable to confidently manage orders outside of our standard Christmas offering during this time. But rest assured, we’ll be well stocked on all your favourite Cannings products in the week leading up to Christmas. If you are concerned about availability or need to stock up on non-Christmas products, we recommend coming in a week before Christmas. Upon request we can cryovac or package your meat in a way that is ideal for freezing.

🎄Can I order products even after they’ve sold out?

Occasionally we are able to replenish some items and they’ll come back in stock, but in general, when it’s gone, it’s gone. We recommend placing your order early (first half of Nov) to ensure you get the product you want, at the size you want.

🎄Will my Pork Rind/Skin be scored?

Unless you request otherwise when ordering, all uncooked pork roasting pieces will come pre-scored.

🎄Will my Turkey include giblets?

Our whole turkeys will come with part of the neck stored in the cavity, but not the giblets. The neck is great for making stocks and gravy!

🎄Can you store my Christmas order for me?

Due to the immense pressure on our fridge storage space, we do require you to collect your order on your nominated date. We’ll give you ample reminders as we approach the date :)

🎄Do Cannings Stores stock Suet?

During the festive season, most Cannings stores do stock frozen suet - usually in 500g bags. Please note - Cannings suet is the real deal! That’s why it’s faintly pink - stark white commercial suet has probably been bleached. Call ahead for availability.

🎄When do orders close?

Cannings closes Christmas orders on Sunday December 10th 2023.

🎄 I’ve missed the order deadline! Do you have a waiting list for any extra Christmas stock?

Due to the organisational demands of our regular Christmas orders, we’re not able to accommodate a waitlist service for any additional stock. That said, we do carry a small amount of first in best dressed stock in-store! It’s quite common for spare stock to pop up closer to Christmas, so check in at your local Cannings or give our other locations a ring as product levels vary by store!

🎄 Any tips for foolproof pork crackling?

The most important thing for awesome crackling is to dry the skin out before you cook it. Take your pork out of its bag the night before, pat dry with a paper towel or clean tea towel, salt the skin, then leave uncovered in the fridge overnight (or wrapped in a tea towel if you prefer). In addition to this, you can scald the skin (just the skin, not the meat!) with hot water before you salt and pop it in the fridge which will help the drying process.

We also read (and tested!) a bit of an odd tip which was that after you’ve dried out your pork overnight, to give the skin a thorough blast with a hairdryer until it’s nice and dry. This is optional of course, but the last time we tried it, it definitely resulted in extra delicious crackle!

You will also most likely want to salt the skin again on the day of cooking.

Our final tip is on cooking temperatures - for gorgeous crackle, turn your oven up to its max (200-220C for most people) for around 15-30 mins either at the beginning or end of your cooking time (or both if you need!). Just make sure if you crank it at the beginning that you remember to turn the temperature back down for the bulk of the cooking (this temp will depend on what cut you’re cooking). If it doesn't crackle as much as you like, you can carefully finish it off under your griller - but don't take your eyes off it!

🎄 Do all of your pork products come with skin for crackle?

Our pork loin and pork belly rolls both come with skin - scored and ready for crackle.

🎄 Will my Christmas products come pre-cooked?

All of our Christmas products will come raw unless otherwise stated. Don’t worry though, all orders will include a cooking guide to help you prepare your festive feast perfectly!

🎄 Will my ham come glazed?

Cannings hams don’t come pre-glazed, but glazing your own ham is easier than you think! Sam Canning has also put together a little video on glazing your ham at home to show you how easy it is (here)!

🎄 I have an allergy, can I see the ingredients list for a certain product?

Absolutely! We have ingredients listings on the product pages for our non-plain products, so just click into the page for whichever product you’re after and all the info will be there. If you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team in-store, via email (christmas@canningsbutchers.com.au) or phone (1300 513 623).

🎄 I have leftover ham! How long will it last in the fridge?

We recommend that you enjoy within 7 days after opening for leftover ham.

Still have questions? Visit us in-store, chat to us via our web chat, email us at christmas@canningsbutchers.com.au or give us a ring on 1300 513 623 and our friendly team will be happy to help!

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