Our Pick: Red Gum BBQ

Red Gum BBQ is an American BBQ restaurant located on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula - and a B Corp! We are so excited to tell you a bit more about their beautiful BBQ sauces, which we are now stocking at Cannings.
Our Pick: Red Gum BBQ

Red Gum BBQ is an American-style BBQ restaurant located on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula - and a B Corp! (If you’re wondering what a B Corp is, read about it here…).

Red Gum BBQ was “born from traditional family recipes and a passion for bringing people together who share the love of low and slow BBQ”. They use only high welfare, free range meats at the restaurant, and make their own sauces and more. We are so excited to be stocking these delicious authentic sauces in-store now!

We chatted to the folks at Red Gum to find out a bit more about these delicious condiments.

Q: So, tell us a bit about your sauces!

A: All of our sauces are small batch and made and bottled by hand in the Mornington Peninsula, with love and 100% all-natural ingredients. These are the ultimate condiments on every table for every setting. For me, they come out at most meals!

These are really unique sauces and it’s hard to find anything else in Australia that’s really comparable to them. The founders of Red Gum BBQ, Melissa (a Florida native) and Martin, spent a lot of time travelling the US to discover authentic American BBQ recipes and flavours, which eventually became the sauces, etc. that we know and love today at Red Gum BBQ. Because of this, they’re really authentic in nature, with every recipe based on true regional BBQ staples from all over the American South.

Q: What kinds of dishes would you usually use these sauces on, and what's your favourite?

A: My personal favourite is the Gold Sauce, which is a mustard based sauce. It’s quite unique, and I really haven’t tasted anything else like it. It has a great kick to it, which makes it an ideal side for any kind of BBQ, but it especially shines on pork (or my personal favourite, beef brisket). Historically, this sauce is unique to South Carolina. Mustard was a favoured accompaniment to meat by many a German settler who immigrated to the region, and it is believed that this is how this distinctive Gold Sauce developed.

The Classic Sauce is a traditional Kansas City BBQ sauce with a tomato base, tart from apple cider vinegar and bitter sweet from the molasses of brown sugar. It’s great wherever you would usually use BBQ sauce, and makes an awesome coating for ribs.

The North Carolina inspired Red Sauce can be a bit intimidating looking as it looks very spicy in the bottle - but although it is spicy, it won’t blow your head off. It’s a loose vinegar based sauce and because of this, it makes a fantastic salad dressing. We particularly love it on beef, so give this a go on your next rare beef salad! We’ve also been known to top off a rissole with a bit of Red Sauce and it always hits the spot.

The Hot Sauce is a Tabasco style hot sauce and is great if you’re looking for something to add a bit of heat to your meal. This spicy, tangy hot sauce hails from Savannah, Georgia and boasts the perfect combination of vinegar, peppers, and salt.

Keen to try them for yourself? Red Gum BBQ sauces are available in all stores or for online ordering (click here) now!

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