Six Of Our Favourite Keto-Friendly Cannings Products

At Cannings, we have a number of customers who follow ketogenic diets, and we know firsthand how tricky it can be! We’ve put together a little list of some of our favourite keto-friendly products to help you out.
Six Of Our Favourite Keto-Friendly Cannings Products

Let’s talk keto!

At Cannings, we have a number of customers who follow ketogenic diets, and we know firsthand how tricky it can be! We’ve put together a little list of some of our favourite keto-friendly products to help you out.

What is keto?

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the ketogenic diet, it’s a high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet that aims to get your body into a state of ‘ketosis’. In very simple terms, this basically means that your body changes its preferred energy source from carbohydrates to fat. Many people on the keto diet report health benefits, including weight loss, higher energy levels, and cognitive function, as well as improvements with insulin sensitivity to name a few.

Pork Belly

Pork Belly is an amazing source of fat for those on keto! We’ve heard from some first time keto-ers that it can be a big adjustment getting high enough levels of fat into your diet, which is why pork belly is such a great cut to include. Not only is it delicious (hello guilt-free crackling!), our Borrowdale Pork is also free-range, with no added hormones or antibiotics so you know you’re eating real, nutritious food!
Tip: If you’re on an extra strict diet (e.g. no refined sugar at all) Pork Belly is also a great cut to use in place of bacon. Just slice thin, salt generously and fry up extra crispy in some grass-fed butter or tallow/lard. It’s so good, you won’t even miss bacon ;)

Pure Burgers

Our Pure Burgers are a keto dream! Made from hand-selected cuts of 100% Grass-fed Short Rib, Brisket and Chuck Beef, plus a bit of salt, these babies have no added fillers (such as breadcrumbs) to worry about! Absolutely gorgeous in a lettuce bun, or even served solo. We highly recommend frying these in some Grass-fed Beef Tallow - it really takes them to the next level.


Gaga’s Powerkraut is a local sauerkraut that we stock and absolutely love. Fermented veg (such as sauerkraut!) is amazing for gut health, contributing beneficial microorganisms for a healthy gut biome. Powerkraut uses a natural fermentation process, is organic and 100% Aussie which are all big ticks for us!! Sauerkraut is naturally low carb which makes it an easy addition to low carb diets, and best of all is delicious! We love using it to top off our Pure Burgers, they’re a no-guilt match made in heaven.


At Cannings, we are really proud of our grass-fed and free-range tallows, which are basically rendered animal fat. We stock a number of delicious flavours, including beef dripping, duck fat and lard (pork fat). Tallow has been used for years and years to add flavour to cooking (your nan will tell you!) however has been overlooked in favour of vegetable based oils more and more in recent years.
Tallows have a high smoking point, which makes them an awesome, foolproof option for stovetop cooking (let’s be honest, no one likes burnt oil). For the same reason, they make a great healthy choice, as even the healthiest oils can have negative effects if pushed past their smoking point. This is due to chemical changes as the oil heats up, resulting in the creation of free radicals which can be harmful in the body.
It’s true that tallow is an awesome, un-messed with, no-numbers product - but is it delicious? The answer is YES!! Try frying your broccolini in our Beef Tallow and a bit of salt next time and tell us you’re not hooked, we dare you.

Nes-Proteins Gelatin Powder

Gelatin is another one of those classic products that has been a little forgotten in recent years, but we want to bring it back! Gelatin (and hydrolysed collagen, the non-jelly-making version of gelatin) is an amazing source of collagen for your diet. The collagen in gelatin powder is a great source of high-quality protein, but is also so important for healthy joints, skin and even digestion! As we age, our collagen production can really slow down, but studies have shown that supplementation can have a lot of positive effects - especially for anyone experiencing joint pain or other joint-related issues.
Although our Nes-Proteins Gelatin Powder has a laundry list of health benefits to its name, we have to be honest, our favourite thing about it is also our favourite recipe to use it in. That’s right folks - jelly! One of the hardest things about keto can be giving up sweet treats, but the amazing thing about gelatin powder is that you can use it to make delicious treats without kicking yourself out of ketosis! Just make up your jelly with your favourite low carb sweetener (we like to use erythritol) and a dash of your favourite keto-friendly flavouring (tip: try a bit of lime juice, it’s divine).
Gelatin is also awesome for thickening soups and sauces since you can’t use traditional thickeners like flour on keto.

Keto Sausages

Currently exclusive to our South Yarra store, our Keto Sausages have no fillers and loads of delicious fat! They’ve got a 50/50 ratio of fat to meat, plus a little offal and salt! These babies are a godsend for those looking to sneak a bit of offal into their diet without having to deal with the taste factor. Pop over to our South Yarra location to pick up a pack!

So there you have it, our favourite keto-friendly Cannings products! Did we miss anything? Let us know on our facebook ( or instagram (@canningsbutchers)

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